Mivtzah Updates

Update #6 - Tuesday, 24 Sivan, 9:00pm - Continuing the Mivtzah after school is over:

The Mivtzah continues till Tuesday 1 Tammuz.

If you were participating in the Mivtzah as part of class and no school is over, you can continue learning the daily lesson by joining a Live "Moshiach Shiur" on Zoom or watching a recorded "Moshiach Shiur" class.

Elementary students can continue filling out the daily worksheet on the on the "daily materials" page by either downloading the worksheet and using the "upload form" to send the completed worksheet back to us or by filling them out online.

Update #5 - Monday, 16 Sivan, 4:20pm - Videos being blocked by filters:

Almost all the "Recorded Moshiach classes" pages have been updated with a Google drive link to open the videos for the benefit of those who's filters block the videos.

Update #4 - Monday, 16 Sivan, 2:25pm - Kovetz in לשון הקודש for Bochurim:

New links were updated on the "daily materials page" for a daily PDF of the Kovetz in לשון הקודש for Bochurim.

Update #3 - Sunday, 15 Sivan, 10:45pm - Fill out worksheets online:

A new option was just added to the "daily materials page": You are now able to fill out the worksheet online.

Update #2 - Sunday, 15 Sivan, 9:00pm - Daily worksheets - Elementary:

Being that many may not have access to a printer to print the daily worksheets, we put a link on the "daily materials page" to download worksheets for the entire week at once.

We are also looking into other options for those who can't print the worksheets. We will bl"n keep you posted!
Meanwhile, you can still learn and fill in the worksheets before the end of the week to earn tickets into the raffle.

Update #1 - Sunday, 15 Sivan, 8:25pm - CLASSES AND RECORDINGS:

It seems like some had trouble joining some of today's live zoom classes... links were B"H updated.
There will BE"H also be more Zoom classes being posted, so keep checking back.
In the meanwhile, you can always watch a recorded class.