Join boys, girls, fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers around the world learning about the coming of Moshiach!

Program details:

· Learn the daily topic(s) of עניני גאולה ומשיח!

· Fill out the daily questions!

· Take the weekly test!

· Weekly raffles on exciting prizes!

Who is the Mivtzah geared to?

· Boys and girls, men and women, of all ages will unite in learning the same daily concept(s) of עניני גאולה ומשיח, each at their level.

Learning details:

Choose how you will learn the concept(s) of עניני גאולה ומשיח each day:

(Separate Shiurim for elementary students, Bochurim, high-school and up girls, and adults).

· Learn on your own using materials posted on the "Daily materials" page.

(Join the "Global initiative of 770 groups" uniting to learn about Moshiach by creating a group of friends/family to learn together).

Weekly test and raffles:

· After the daily learning (Shiur or on your own), fill out the daily quiz/worksheet found on the "Daily materials" page..

· Every quiz/worksheet earns you a ticket into the raffle which will take place at the end of the week.

· Take the weekly test and earn more tickets into the raffle

(70% = 1 ticket, 80% = 2 ticket, 90%+ = 3 ticket)

· Raffle winners must have had completed 4/5 of the daily quizzes/worksheets to win the raffle.

· There will be separate raffles for each track (elementary students etc.), check out the "Raffles page" for details.

Joining in the middle:

· Tests will be posted each Friday (followed by raffles on Sunday evening).

· You can catch up on any material for the week beforehand and earn tickets in the raffles.

Topics of עניני גאולה ומשיח we will be covering:

Week 1:

  • Day 1 - Galus

  • Day 2 - Geula + Awaiting Moshiach

  • Day 3 - Geula Now

  • Day 4 - The 2,000 years of Moshiach

  • Day 5 - The Changes That Will Take Place

Week 2:

  • Day 1 - The Seuda of the שור הבר and לויתן

  • Day 2 - Kibbutz Golios + The ten שבטים

  • Day 3 - Techiyas Hameisim

  • Day 4 - Melech HaMoshiach + Moshiach in every generation

  • Day 5 - Chezkas Moshiach + The 7th generation - the generation of Geula

Week 3:

  • Day 1 - The 3rd Beis Hamikdosh

  • Day 2 - The 7th generation + Everything is ready!

  • Day 3 - Prophecies about the Geula happening + The revelation of Moshiach!